24 abril 2012

The wallets

Some people asked to see more details of the wallets I made for my daughter's teachers.
They were my very first and I had very few time to make them so I think they could be better, but with some practice I can make really good ones. :-)
Outra carteira que fiz.Another wallet I made...
There are lots of pockets for money and documents and a place for coins. I also put a tag with my daughter's name, so the teachers will remember her and I made flowers out of ribbons to put in front of them.
The first time I saw this wallet was in the blog Valen Patch. I learned with this video tutorial on Youtube and the free pattern is here, designed by Ruth Jensen.
It's not difficult, but there are lots of details you have to pay attention on.

Ps.: I apologize to my brazilian readers, but this post had to be in English. If you have any questions, just ask. 

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  1. Não tem problemas, Chris!! Achei legal você colocar o nome da Julia. Será sempre uma boa lembrança. Vou nos links que indicou, quem sabe eu aprendo (duvidando) Beijus,

    1. É facinho, Luma. Só precisa ter paciência... -) Bjs!