07 maio 2012

Teacher's Day and a free printable bookmark

Tomorrow will be National Teacher's Day here in United States. So, I want to show you what I made to give  to my daughter's teachers.

Pencil cases! And I put some things inside that I think are going to be useful for them:

Yes! Chocolate is always useful. :-))
I put a tag inside the pencil cases that says: "It takes a big heart to help shaping little minds" and the name of my daughter, so they can remember who gave them.
And I designed a bookmark that says the same sentence and printed on poster board paper.
And if you still need something to make for your kids' teachers and you like this bookmark, you can have it! I let some space at the bottom, so you can write a little note. It is 3x6 inches. Print it in card stock or poster board, like me. Don't scale it. Download it here.
PS.: I'm really enjoying sewing bags and wallets! :-)

UPDATE: After giving the presents for my daughter's teachers, my teacher told me the correct sentence is: "It takes a big heart to help shape little minds":-( I wish she had corrected me before... :-))) Well, I corrected the pdf, so you can use it next year.

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    1. Obrigada, Nice! Eu doida pra ver se elas gostaram, mas aqui as pessoas não abrem o presente na sua frente. Agradecem e guardam pra abrir depois! Detesto este costume! :-)))))))
      As outras professoras da Ju, as que foram embora, abriam... era bom porque eu via a reação delas, que é a parte mais legal de se dar um presente, né? :-)))