23 janeiro 2013

18/365 - Wings and 19/365 - Koalas

Today I managed to make two patterns! I still need to catch the other people up...

For this one, I was trying to make something similar to wings... I don't know if I like. What do you think?

I want to participate on the next Spoonflower contest with the theme "Australian Animals". I planned to make something way more complex, but as the time is over and that's all I had time to do, I'll participate with this pattern for a fabric. I'll probably won't win it, but it's all about the fun... right? :-) 

UPDATE: AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! I just saw the deadline was yesterday! I thought it would be tomorrow!!! >:/

365 Patterns challenge started by Alma, from Ollibird, and Melanie, from fifth & hazel.You can follow (or maybe join?) this challenge on Instagram (hashtag #365patterns) or you can see my patterns here on this blog or follow @Witee on Instagram.

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