09 janeiro 2013

365 Patterns in 2013

I'll probably regret at some point, but I'm joining some great designers in a challenge to create 365 patterns, one a day in 2013. Well, if what I needed was practice, now I'll surely get it! :-)))
Who started this fun insanity was my lovely teacher Alma, from Ollibird, and Melanie, from fifth & hazel. I feel like a baby near these ladies, I'm totally scared of doing this, but I think I'm going to learn a lot with this challenge so I decided to do it.
As I'm already late, somedays I'll make more than one until I catch them up.
OK... let's start the fun! Now I'll show you what I started with. Let me know what you think. Love it? Hate it? Why? Please, leave feedbacks.

1- Hearts
I saw something with these color on the internet and I wanted to make something with them. I did not had much time, my daughter wanted to "help me", so I made this simple pattern.

2 - Moroccan Geometric
I saw a rug with this pattern and could not take it out of my mind. I chose these colors to make it more modern.

3 - Japanese Lanterns 
Inspired by a photo I saw on Instagram, from @darrenrowse. (Thanks for the inspiration!)

You can follow (or maybe join?) this challenge on Instagram (hashtag #365patterns) or you can see my patterns here on this blog.

PS.: Witee is the name of my stores on Etsy and Spoonflower.

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