11 janeiro 2013

365 patterns

My daughter got sick, so I could no do much work on my patterns today. Now she's sleeping and as I'm too worried to get to sleep myself, I decided to modify my third pattern because I think the lanterns should be bigger. At that size was kind of hard to identify what they were.

And I finished one that I started yesterday. Here in Texas we almost don't have rain and when we have, people kind of get happy, you know? :) They get to finally use their fancy umbrellas! :) 

I was inspired by my daughter and how happy she was to finally use her ladybug umbrella and this photo on Instagram by @danamadeit, with her kids and their umbrella. The one with red dress represents me. I like to feel the rain and don't really care to use an umbrella, unless it is raining too much and I won't be able to chance clothes soon. :-)
Do you know Made, Dana's blog? One of the bests! I love it.
I' m not sure I like the distribution of the girls. What do you think? It rained for two days. Non stop! If I did not have to drive, I would not mind that much... Although I hate the darkness. I think I'm traumatized after the time I lived in Finland. I think I had enough darkness for the rest of my life. Seriously! I miss my friends, tough...

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