13 janeiro 2013

Is happiness a choice?

My daughter is still sick and she scared me to hell today when it looked like she was going to pass out, I did the laundry, my apartment is less messy (not much, really), but I made my yesterday's pattern (not today's which means I'm still late), and it wasn't an amazing day like I decided. I guess happiness is not  choice like people say...
My husband and I are taking turns to take care of Julia because we both are really worried. We went to the doctor's on friday and she said it's a virus and the only thing we can do is wait while we try to make her comfortable with fever and pain relievers and plenty of water. The problem is she doesn't look like she's getting better, only worse.
Well... let's talk about something else!
My pattern! I've been wanting to make something with giraffes for a while so I decided to make a pattern. 
What do you think? Too much going on? PLEASE, leave me your feedback! I really want to know! Loving or hating, just let me know.

365 Patterns challenge started by Alma, from Ollibird, and Melanie, from fifth & hazel.You can follow (or maybe join?) this challenge on Instagram (hashtag #365patterns) or you can see my patterns here on this blog.

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