20 fevereiro 2013

45/365 Patterns - Watermelon (or Strawberry) and 46/365 Patterns - Watermelons

Oh, my! I was busy because of Valentine's Day! And it makes me really happy so many people liked my design! Thank You!
Because of that, I'm behind on the Pattern a Day challenge, but I'll catch you up again soon.
I made 2 matching patterns and I think they are fun! I had the idea when I was trying to buy Watermelons but in the winter they are not good. :-( My daughter and I love watermelons!

I think they would be fun in Kitchen Towels, placemats and even a fun Table Runner. Am I too crazy? :-)

365 Patterns challenge started by Alma, from Ollibird, and Melanie, from fifth & hazelYou can follow (or maybe join?) this challenge on Instagram (hashtag #365patterns) or you can see my patterns here on this blog or follow @Witee on Instagram.

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