24 fevereiro 2013

48/365 Patterns - Clowns, 49/365 Patterns - Cats, 50/365 Patterns - Owls, 51/365 Patterns - Trees, 52/365 Patterns - Birds, 53/365 Patterns - Under the sea, 54/365 Patterns - Mermaids

BLERGH!!! This pattern sucks! :-))))

This one I like, but there is something missing (I won't tell). :-)))
I used to draw those cats when I was a kid. I want to practice my hand drawing.

Owls are cute! But my hand drawing is not! :-(

Pink Trees! :-)

Cute Birds!

Hand drawing again...

Still hand drawing. Someday I'm going to be good at this. :-)))

365 Patterns challenge started by Alma, from Ollibird, and Melanie, from fifth & hazelYou can follow (or maybe join?) this challenge on Instagram (hashtag #365patterns) or you can see my patterns here on this blog or follow @Witee on Instagram.

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